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The Family Blanket

By 17/04/2019 June 25th, 2019 Blog

The story of The Connemara blanket or the Family blanket as I now call it was a blanket my parents bought over from Ireland when they came to settle in London, it was the only thing they bought with them. So the blanket became a very precious object, almost like another family member, it came everywhere with us, picnics, holidays and we were wrapped up in it when we were cold or tired. I was obviously the one to inherit it out of my six brothers and sisters, there was no debating that one, being the weaver in the family. So then eventually I decided I had to replicate it, counting the threads of the faded check, but just changing the colours slightly to soften them. Reading the label I could just make out the name of the mill, it is not there now, but it really is like the surrounding landscape along the Connemara shoreline, with pools of water and light against the peaty, heathery earth.
I am delighted by the result and can now share the Connemara blanket, so it can become your family heirloom.