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Pure wool, British sheep breeds, Natural Dark Brown, Natural Cream, Un Dyed Wool, Natural Un Dyed Wool

Length: 150 Centimetres; Width: 25 Centimetres

Pure natural un-dyed wool scarf, dark brown and cream from Welsh Black Mountains and Jacob sheep. Woven in a traditional 2/2 twill creates an open weave making the scarf have spring, warmth and can be worn in many ways, open or tucked in tight, it’s yours to play with.

150 cm in length

25 cm in width

This is a good size, it is very versatile to be worn in many ways and will keep you very warm with out being heavy.

I spend a great deal of time with the weavers in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland and Wales. Taking me into wild places where there is always, something in nature to inspire. We have a wonderful weaving tradition in this country and being part of it is what I want and hope I share with you.

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