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Hole & Corner Magazine

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Photo credit Emli Bendixen

Sally Hampson in the Hole & Corner Magazine article

“Gloucestershire offers a treasure trove of independent makers, all operating out of their own ‘hole-and-corners’. Take the brilliantly named traditional upholsterer Marcus Spencer – not to be confused with the high street retailer. Also not to be confused with Marcus Walters, a graphic and product designer who has done an interiors range for Heals amongst others, and whose wife Hayley is a hand-screenprinter, with a studio based in a photogenic old mill building.

The area seems to over-index on brilliant hand-printed wallpapers – you might recognise James Randolph Rogers’ designs from The Golden Fleece on Nelson Street in Stroud, while Juliette Chadwick (wife of YBA-set sculptor Daniel Chadwick) is another to track down.

Artist-weaver Sally Hampson also runs her own workshops – textile weaver Nicholas Ozanne is also worth a visit.

Isabel Lyster, meanwhile, is a young, cool puppet maker/artist who lives in a yurt… Hole & Corner enough for you?”

The Insider’s Guide to Gloucestershire

The Family Blanket

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The story of The Connemara blanket or the Family blanket as I now call it was a blanket my parents bought over from Ireland when they came to settle in London, it was the only thing they bought with them. So the blanket became a very precious object, almost like another family member, it came everywhere with us, picnics, holidays and we were wrapped up in it when we were cold or tired. I was obviously the one to inherit it out of my six brothers and sisters, there was no debating that one, being the weaver in the family. So then eventually I decided I had to replicate it, counting the threads of the faded check, but just changing the colours slightly to soften them. Reading the label I could just make out the name of the mill, it is not there now, but it really is like the surrounding landscape along the Connemara shoreline, with pools of water and light against the peaty, heathery earth.
I am delighted by the result and can now share the Connemara blanket, so it can become your family heirloom.

New Felt Shawls

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I have recently started to felt some of my shawls which are now in my shop. I am excited to share them with you. I weave them in Jacob wool then wash them so they just start felting just enough so you can still see the structure of the weave which is a 2/2 twill weave a very traditional weave which is used for Harris tweed. The Jacob wool I weave with has a soft open twist, keeping all its character after being washed, the fringes slightly start to matt together almost taking it back to being a fleece and showing it’s nature.

I continue to source 100% Pure British wool, something I am passionate about and want to share this with you. The yarns I use are spun from Shetland, Welsh Black Mountain, Jacob sheep and I am just starting to experiment with some Alpaca which I will hand dye, I will have a limited edition of individual neck warmers in my shop soon, I am looking forward to getting started and sharing these with you

Thank you again for all your support

The Yorkshire collection

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Painting by Zoe Benbow

The Yorkshire collection uses natural un-dyed wool from Jacob and Welsh black mountain sheep in tones of silver grey, peat brown and creamy ecru, creating blankets and shawls in these natural shades in collaboration with a bespoke mill run by a father and a son who use traditional looms with wooden shuttles.

The Shetland blanket collection

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The Shetland blanket collection uses wool from local sheep which is spun and woven at a family-run mill. With their palette of subtle colours evocative of the surrounding landscape, these woven pieces have a distinctive painterly quality.